Do you want to get paid faster?

Are you tired of chasing outstanding invoices from your clients?

We Make Your Accounts Receivables a Breeze

Our comprehensive program offers a boutique approach featuring cutting-edge software and analytics that will yield maximum results for your business. Our U.S.-based team offers a customized approach that will help you see more on-time payments and increase your cash flow.

Oxygen FP

With Oxygen FP, our team becomes part of your team. We get involved before good accounts become delinquent accounts.

By offering first party collections, Oxygen’s team of professionals becomes your accounts receivable department, relieving you and your staff of the burden of collecting receivables. We understand that accounts receivable is a task that must be done but is likely the one with which business owners are most uncomfortable.


Oxygen XL

Oxygen XL collectors understand your pain. They understand that if your clients are delinquent, you may find yourself without the capital needed to keep going. That’s why the professionals at Oxygen XL work tirelessly on your behalf. We maximize your revenue while minimizing the agony of handling collections on your own.

Most businesses struggle with the day-in/day-out management of accounts receivable. Ask any business owner and you will get the same answer. They would rather be doing the work of their business - a gym, spa, retail operation, etc. than managing current or delinquent invoices. Whether you are a one-person operation or you have a large team on board, the process of managing accounts receivable is often the most challenging. Bring in the professionals at Oxygen XL and let the process run smoothly.

We're proud members of The Association of Credit and Collection Professionals and are committed to honest and ethical practices.