An Expert Account Receivable Team for a Fraction of the Cost.

Your revenue is the lifeblood of your business.

Put your accounts receivable department in capable hands. Oxygen’s team of professionals isn’t an outside vendor... we are your outsourced Accounts Receivable department.

With Oxygen XL your client relationships will be treated with care and your revenues will continue to flow. Breathe oxygen into your revenues with Oxygen XL.

Oxygen XL Culture

The culture at Oxygen XL is an open door environment, designed to empower each individual member of the team to reach their goals.

Since Oxygen’s early days, an emphasis has been placed on engaging a forward-thinking, positive mindset toward success. Every member of Oxygen XL embraces a supportive team attitude, understanding that each win is a win for the client.
1Oxygen XL believes in lifelong learning
Our team makes it a regular practice to continue their learning - both work-related topics and areas of personal interest. Oxygen XL provides ongoing training and professional development to all of our staff throughout the year. Investing in our team yields the best results for our clients!
2Communication Is Key
At Oxygen XL, our clients receive regular communications and reports, detailing our efforts and results. We know you are putting your trust in us. We will keep you informed of our success on your behalf.
3Our Training Is Top Tier
At Oxygen XL we train our team to be proud of the much needed skill we provide to our clients. We have the ability to take away the pain businesses experience from outstanding receivables. Spending time on this is uncomfortable for business owners and their staff. AND it is a tremendous distraction from the focus of the business. Imagine a world where all of your invoices are managed by professionals who are the best at what they do!

At Oxygen XL, our goal is to help our clients and their debtors to have a positive accounts receivable experience, while mitigating the negatives that are often associated with the process. We understand the importance of recapturing credit that has been extended in an efficient and effective manner.

Using technology to best meet our clients goals is a key aim at Oxygen XL. We are constantly developing cutting-edge technology to ensure our clients benefit.

Save Time
Save Money

See Payments Post in Real Time
Get Results!

Meet Our Team

Jonathan (Yona) Abenson


Jonathan (Yona) Abenson is the founder of Oxygen XL , a leader in the debt recovery industry. Drawing on his collections, business development, and product management experience, Jonathan created Oxygen as more than a collection agency.

His vision of developing a smooth, pain-free, and comprehensive process for businesses to capture their full profit potential has resulted in Jonathan’s reputation as an experienced leader and trailblazer in the debt recovery industry. He has taken Oxygen XL from a concept to a successful firm located in the United States and internationally.

Jonathan is now expanding Oxygen XL into a technology company that will be a seamless partner to the accounts receivable services that clients have already grown to trust and count on.

Educated in his native England, as well as in France, Israel and the US, Jonathan is a staunch believer in lifelong learning. Jonathan is dedicated to the overall well-being of the community, making philanthropic efforts a core value of Oxygen XL. He has served on Boards in his local community and encourages his team to be involved as well. An avid reader of History, Jonathan actively looks for parallels with today’s world.