Oxygen FP, a full-scale accounts receivable service that does so much more than bringing in revenue; it carefully cultivates and cares for your client relationships.

The Oxygen Method

The Oxygen method helps maintain the valuable relationship with the customer that you have worked hard to build. The way our team works with your clients is designed to increase the possibility of customers returning to do business with your company. Our emphasis on your customer relationships makes it possible for these valuable customers to remain part of your assets once the collection process has been resolved.

Our team deploys omni channels for communications with your customers. With a sophisticated suite of tools at the ready, we can ensure timely and efficient contact. Our Oxygen FP clients can take comfort knowing no account receivable falls through the cracks.

Learn how outsourcing AR can result in positive cash flow and enhance your client relationships in our latest whitepaper.

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Oxygen FP Provides

An accounts receivable department for you
Increased on-time payments & decreased outstanding receivables

Adherence to all Federal & State Regulations
Controls in place for dealing with outbound calls that exceed legal & industry standards