Recover Your Overdue Rent for a Flat Fee!

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We can help you secure judgments fast to get back what you're owed

For just one flat fee, we make it easy for you to navigate the process to receive judgments from the courts for your past due rent. Our system takes the burden away from you and can help you get back on the road to economic recovery. Don't delay! The longer you wait, the longer it will take to secure your funds. We're here to help you!

Our Process

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Sign Up with Oxygen XL
We Set Up Your Account
Send Over Your Data via Oxygen Connector/API or Spreadsheet
We Review your Data
You’re invoiced for $392
Our Attorney sends out a legal demand notice
Suit Filed 35 days later
The Court sends Service of Complaint within 10 days
Your tenant has 35 days to File an Answer
If tenant does not reply, it goes into default.
Within 15 days, the Court enters the Judgment
Judgment sent to Client

"I consider it worth every penny"

Total amounts due were getting out of control. It hit critical mass for me and I worked with the team to pursue flat fee judgements. For tenants who hadn’t paid in months and owed - let’s say $10,000, I knew they would never get caught up. Once back on their feet, they would end up taking years to pay back – if ever. Oxygen helped me obtain judgements for the full amount of rent due to me plus filing fees and other small expenses I had to lay out. With these judgements, some of my tenants made payment arrangements to repay in short order, particularly those collecting unemployment plus the federal unemployment boost, and those who are working but took advantage of the eviction moratorium.

This process eases the burden and makes sure we can be made whole again. It’s really been a saving grace and I am very grateful. A landlord/tenant attorney would have been much more. And, in truth, I couldn’t have done this myself. I consider it worth every penny.

Dave, Owner/Manager of 2,500 Residential Units
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